Senior Dental Care for Oneco

It will be that time of year again soon when our Northern friends start to flock South. The team at Siesta Dental wants to welcome them back and let you know we are ready to help you with all your senior dental needs here in Oneco.

No matter how old we get oral health plays an important role in helping to determine not only the health of our teeth and gums but our overall health as well. Some of the obstacles seniors face that can negatively impact their oral health, are dry mouth, and loose teeth. We frequently hear complaints from Seniors in Oneco about dry mouth. In fact, dry mouth ranks as one of the most common and chronic conditions many seniors must deal with in order to protect their oral health. One of the main reasons for dry mouth is the medications you take. Many common prescriptions, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, and allergies, dry mouth is a side effect. Saliva acts as the body’s natural defense mechanism against harmful oral bacteria that contributes to the development of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. When the body produces less saliva than normal, our teeth become far more susceptible to the effects of plaque and other types of harmful oral bacteria. Siesta Dental can provide you with advice and treatment options on how to avoid many of the common problems associated with senior dental care in Oneco.

Many seniors have dentures or experience loose teeth which makes it very difficult to chew. When chewing hard foods becomes too painful or uncomfortable, many seniors make a change to their diet by eating softer foods. This makes it harder to receive the right nutrition. If tooth loss has made chewing difficult, you need to consider a replacement option. At Siesta Dental we offer patients a number of options for restoring their teeth back to health. From full and partial dentures to dental implants, we can make it easier for you to enjoy the foods you love and keep a healthy diet. Don’t underestimate what restoring your smile back to its fullest can mean for your quality of life.

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